Bellota Iberico & The best ham in the world

Joselito oversees the complete cycle of the ham and has its own iberian pigs, fine-tuned over generations, making its products unique in the world.

Joselito's pig are happy animals, roaming freely in their natural habitats: the pasturelands are valuable ecosystem halfway between the Mediterranean forests and the country's grasslands, where each pig enjoys 2 to 4 hectares of space.


Joselito iberian pigs are exclusively acron-fed (BELLOTA)

★ Meat from adult pigs.
★ Dark but bright red-coloured meat, due to the exercise our pigs enjoy from freely grazing in our pastures on their natural diet of grass and acorns.
★ Higher fat marbling in the meat gives it an unmistakable flavour and texture.


Joselito's selected pieces come from pigs feeding 100% naturally on acorns and grass. The fattening season is called the "Montanera", the period when Joselito's pigs eat 7 to 10 kilos of acrons and 3 kilos of herbs a day. Due to the "Montanera", Joselito only prepares its ham during the winter months (January, February, and March) when the meat is available.